Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for writing text books, monographs, laboratory manuals etc. and publishing through CCS HAU/private publishers

Keeping in view, the wider interests of the faculty members and at the same time, ensuring quality and standards of the publications, they have been revised and suggested as under:

  • The standard of books, laboratory manuals etc. being written by the faculty of the university should be of very high quality backed by thorough knowledge of the subject.
  • Faculty of the rank of Assistant Professors/equivalent should have cleared the probation period before applying for permission to write a book, teaching/laboratory manual etc.
  • Authors should be encouraged to write relevant books, manuals etc. in the light of courses they have been teaching, research and extension undertaken by them in the past or present in the university.
  • The books/manuals written by the faculty members should be related to his/her field of specialization or the areas in which he/she has acquired special skills, experience, qualifications, training etc. over the years.
  • No relief from or reduction in official duties shall be given to the author (s).
  • The expenditure on stenography, cartography, photography and art work etc. shall be borne by the author (s) for all publications except university publications.
  • For seeking permission, the author (s) shall submit the proposal of publication to the Coordinator, Publication Committee of the University along with detailed justification of the proposed publication and table of contents. The proposal shall be reviewed in a meeting of the Publication Committee at the earliest possible in which Dean/DR/DEE, concerned HOD and author shall be invited members. After approval, the proposal shall be sent to the Vice-Chancellor for final approval for permitting the author to write the publication. After approval, the final decision shall be conveyed to the applicant author by the Coordinator, Publication Committee.
  • In case of authors from various disciplines, the first author shall submit the proposal for getting the approval. If need be, HODs/rep. of the disciplines of other authors can be special invitees in the meeting to be called by Coordinator, Publication Committee.
  • The work to be published by the faculty members should be original in nature.
  • Once the publication is ready for sending to the publisher (outside or within university), plagiarism checker report (Chapter wise) should be submitted by the authors along with the complete manuscript to the Publication Cell for seeking approval so as to ensure originality and publications of high quality as it reflects the reputation and standard of the university. The coordinator, Publication cell shall communicate the decision (approval/direction for revision) to the senior most author at the earliest possible.
  • Author (s), at their own level or through the publisher, shall obtain required permission from the concerned to reproduce any work created by other persons, if required, as per the provisions of relevant laws.
  • Author (s), at their own level, shall obtain ISBN for the publication.
  • Without ISBN, no publication shall be released at any university function and shall not be considered for any credit for promotion or any other benefit etc.
  • For the university publication, the sale price shall be fixed by the Directorate of Extension Education as per university rules.
  • In case of university publication, the university shall pay to the authors a uniform royalty of 15% of the Indian published price of the publication on all copies sold in India and other countries. In case there is more than one author, the royalty will be divided between them as per University rules prevailing at that time. Ten complimentary copies will be given to the authors.
  • No other proposal to write a text book/edited book/monograph/laboratory manual etc. will be considered until the previous proposal submitted by the teacher is finally approved.
  • No special permission shall be required to print the final reports of research projects/assignments by different departments.
  • All the material to be got printed at the expense of university budget shall be submitted to the Publication Cell for vetting so as to ensure quality publications. Likewise, any technical report/appraisal report/annual report related to teaching/research/extension to be submitted to BOM, ICAR and other bodies shall be got vetted from the Publication Cell.

Updated On :   29-11-2021

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