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For Master Programme: There are following categories of stipends for Mater's degree programmes :- 

(a)   A student enrolled for Master's programme (except for MBA, M.Sc.- FST, MBB & Bio-informatics) possessing an OGPA of 7.0/10.00 at the time of admission for 1st semester and thereafter  maintains/acquires OGPA of 7.5/10.00 shall be awarded merit stipend of the value of Rs. 6000 per month provided he/she is not in receipt any duty pay/monetary aid from any source except sports awards.

(b)   Stipend of the value of Rs. 3000 per head per month for non-inservice students (except MBA, M.Sc. -FST, MBB and Bioinformatics) who are not in receipt of merit stipend or any other monetary aid/duty pay from the University/or other Govt. or non-Govt. agency.

(c)   Merit stipend of Rs. 6000 per month and Stipend of Rs. 3000 per month to 10% of students enrolled for M.Sc. -FST, MBB and Bioinformatics subject to fulfilling the OGPA requirements .

(d)  Merit stipend of Rs. 1000 per month to 10% of students enrolled for MBA subject to fulfilling the OGPA requirements.

For Ph.D. programme: There are  following categories of stipends for Doctoral degree programmes : -

(a)  Merit stipend of the amount of Rs. 10000 per month for such non-inservice students who possess at the time of admission or acquire and maintain thereafter a minimum OGPA 3.5/4.00 or 7.5 under 10 point scale. 

(b)   Stipend of  value of Rs. 5000 per head per month to non-inservice student (except MBB) who are not in receipt of any fellowship or merit stipend or monetary aid/duty pay from this University or other Govt. or non Govt. agencies.           

The merit stipends /stipend is given for two and three academic years from the date of admission to Mater's and Ph.D. program, respectively subject to fulfillment of certain conditions. 

A special provision for PG students belonging to SC category has been made in which financial help is provided for attending Seminar/Conferences to upgrade them for future thrust areas and new research achievements in different fields. 


The students are also competing for JRF/SRF offered by the ICAR, the CSIR and the UGC. The amount of these fellowship ranges from Rs.8640 P.M. (JRF) for M.Sc. to Rs.15, 000 P.M. (SRF) for Ph.D. students from the ICAR; Rs. 15,000 P.M. (JRF for 2 years) to Rs.17, 500 P.M. (SRF for 3 year) for Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (only for SC students) from the UGC. Haryana State Council of Science & Technology, Govt. of Haryana, also offers JRF (Rs.25, 000 P.M.) for Ph.D. students. 


Gold Medals and other awards are conferred annually at the time of Convocation of the University to the students who secure highest overall grade point average/marks and fulfill the general rules for the award of Gold Medals/Awards.

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