New technologies, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research, and non-print media have changed the very nature of the library's learning resources. Nehru Library possesses a very rich collection of 382707 vol. of books, bound journals and other reading material to cater to the informational and scholarly requirements of its patrons. In addition to its rich collections in its major areas of thrust like Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural Engineering, Animal Sciences, Home Science, Basic Sciences (Botany, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics, Biotechnology, Fisheries, Microbiology, Sociology, and Zoology), Food Science and Technology, and Vety. Sciences, a large number of books of general interest are also available in the library. Presently library subscribes to 160 journals of which 27 are foreign journals and 133 are Indian journals. The Library has exchange relations with several foreign and Indian publishers. HAU Journal of Research, Haryana Veterinarian, Haryana Kheti, and Thesis Abstracts are official publications of this University which form the backbone of the exchange programme. About 4,092 e-journals published by Annual Reviews Inc.-13, Bio One-164, CSIRO-5, Elsevier-Science Direct-420, J-Gate Fulltext-407, Nature Publishing Group-02, Oxford University Press-24, Springer-121, Taylor and Francis-177, Wiley- Agriculture and Horticulture- 42, Wiley- Fisheries and Aquaculture- 12, Wiley- Veterinary and Animal Science- 31 were made accessible online to user community through J-Gate Plus Service subscribed by the CeRA.

CDs (Books)2555
CDs (Theses)4179

Updated On :   07-10-2023

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