CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana, India

Thematic Areas

  • Millets for global nutritional security and well being
  • Conventional breeding, biotechnology, bio informatics, genetic engineering, phenomics, genomics and proteomics for crop improvement
  • Modelling, simulation tools and big data in agriculture research
  • Post-harvest processing and value addition for food safety and security
  • Agri-technology transfer, impact assessment and farmer empowerment
  • Industry linkages and agri-business for food and nutritional security
  • Agriculturally important fauna, aquafarming and livestock for farm economy
  • Strategies for biotic and abiotic stress management in crop production and microbes in agriculture
  • Mechanization, non-conventional energy resources and digitization for smart agriculture
  • Climate change, conservation agriculture, resource management and integrated farming for sustainable agriculture
  • Role of agriculture and allied education in food security
  • Natural and organic farming for wellness