Keeping in view the present scenario, it would be befitting in the interest of the university if a University Technical Publications and Information Cell is formed with the following mandate:

  • To compile, edit and get published a book containing the university highlights and achievements since its inception till date.
  • To compile, edit and get published the university level technical information in the form of brochures, booklets, leaflets etc.
  • To provide assistance to the scientists in writing good quality research papers in Journals of repute.
  • To provide technical and editorial assistance to various deptts./colleges/directorates for other publications.
  • To evaluate and recommend the quality of technical material submitted by the university scientists for getting that published from inside or outside the university press before submitting the same by them for final approval from the competent higher authorities for ensuring their good quality.
  • To act as repository of university publications.

Updated On :   29-01-2019

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