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Natural and Spiritual Farming

      Consistent and indiscriminate use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides has caused serious damage to the soil, ecology and human health. To sustain the soil health and crop production with minimum input expenditure, Natural & Spiritual Farming plays important role. Zero Budget Natural Farming is becoming the preference of farmers for crop production. In zero budget spiritual farming there is no need to purchase the inputs from outside the farm. About 98% of the nutrients are taken by the plants from air, water & solar energy. For preparing the food, plants take necessary elements from nature. All the required plant nutrients are available free of cost in the nature. Without adding any nutrient from outside, the plants grows and give high production, which means that all the needed elements for growth and production are available around the root zone. In forest there is no human life even than plants & trees grow naturally which is all do to nature.
       Our soils are enriched with nutrients. But all the nutrients are not available to the plants. These unavailable forms of nutrients are converted to available forms by the millions of micro-organisms present in soil. In forest soils the micro-organisms are present in large amount,where as in our farms micro-organisms have been destroyed due to excessive use of chemicals. In naturalfarming indigenous breed of cowplays an important role as 1 gram of cow dung contains about 300 to 500 crore beneficial micro-organisms.Therefore, it is based on research that natural & spiritual farming can sustain soil health, crop production & livelihood security for years.