Dr. M.S. Sidhpuria


Mailing Address

Directorate of  Human Resource Management,
CCS Haryana Agricultural University-125004 (Haryana)

Office : 01662-284316, 255414
Residence : 01662-255411
Fax No : 01662-284316
Email Id : dhrm@hau.ernet.in, dhrmccshau@gmail.com

Human resource management is the framework which helps employees in developing their personal and organizational skills. It is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment and management of an organization’s workforce. Human Resource Management means ensuring growth and development of the employees so that they become more valuable to the organization. The employees of any organization are the most dynamic and alive component and their smooth and fruitful interaction across different disciplines results in the growth of the institution in the right direction. The Directorate of Human Resource Management of the University ensures this growth through its varied activities spread over a broad spectrum. Established in 2002 the Directorate of Human Resource Management carries out its multifarious duties through its four cells viz., the Academy of Agricultural Research and Education Management, Planning and Evaluation Section, Manpower Assessment Cell and Intellectual Property Rights Cell cum Business Planning and Development Unit. The activities of the Directorate include trainings, experiential learning, planning, budgeting, monitoring & evaluation, and manpower assessment & post clearance. The Directorate facilitates agricultural education in the University through judicious planning and evaluation of resources. Concerns of intellectual property and commercialization of technologies are also dealt with by the Directorate of Human Resource Management.